Selling Your Home

Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable realtor is essential when selling your home. It is important to work with someone who is knowledgeable in the local real-estate market, with experience buying and selling homes in neighbourhoods like yours.

This allows for genuine expertise when it comes to bringing your home to market at a price point that is strategic, optimizing your potential to sell at the highest possible price point in the shortest period of time. It also provides confidence backed by experience when it comes to negotiating the sale price with buying agents.

Working with someone who is respected by past clients, fellow realtors, and industry professionals will serve your interests. You need to trust that the person listing your home is representing you and your property with integrity.

My Advertising Network

Approximately 90% of buyers search for homes online. I am constantly optimizing my marketing plan to ensure maximum exposure to the most appropriate audience for your home. My listings are hosted on a network of strategic websites and social media platforms in order to create synergy while promoting your home to the market. This ensures ensuring our listing appears in every search that meets our criteria, and reaches the largest possible audience of potential buyers.

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Listing Process:

Together we will establish a plan designed to achieve your goals while supporting your lifestyle and specific needs. This plan will include some or all of the steps outlined below:

Photos -
I pay for and instruct my team of professional real estate photographers to shoot and edit photos of your home for all marketing mediums. These photos will represent the condition and layout of your home to entice buyers to book a showing with me. 

Professional Measurements & Floor plan generation -
I pay for and schedule a professional laser measurement to be completed on your home to ensure accuracy of the square footage based on RMS (Residential Measurement Standards) of your home.

Cleaning - 

Your home must be clean, fresh and spotless for the photos and all showings to ensure a great first impression for each buyer. 

Staging - 
When required, I have a number of staging professionals to help with the decluttering or furniture staging to ensure your home shows the very best it can both online and in person. 

Open House - 
I will have a representative at your home during scheduled open house times. Hard copy feature sheets that correctly represent your homes features and highlights will be ready for all buyers as a take home to refer back too.

Showings - 
Once receiving interest from a buyer, I will notify you with the showing request to confirm, and schedule accordingly. 

Negotiation -

I negotiate real estate transactions on a day to day basis, once an Offer to Purchase is presented and I will negotiate with your best interest in mind. We will negotiate the presented terms and conditions of the Offer to Purchase to protect you as the seller. 

Inspection -

The buyer may have inspections before moving forward with the purchase of your home, we will confirm the time and date that what works best for both parties for the inspections. 

Legal support -
Once the buyer removes all conditions and the sale goes firm, I will send all legally binding documents of sale to your lawyer. They will prepare all documents for the transfer of title to the buyer.

The Move - 
Make sure that you remove everything from the home that was not included in the Offer to Purchase, make sure to leave your home clean for the new owner. 

Closing and Key Release -

I will make sure that on possession day the buyers lawyer will provide monies to your lawyer for the purchase of your property, once received, we will then release the keys and home to the buyer. 

Buying -
If you are looking to buy a new home, I will guide you step by step through this strategic process. 

Market Updates -

I will continue to educate you on forecasted and current market conditions, and always, you may contact me with any real estate questions or needs. 


My guide to selling your home.

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